Goodbye Hello Day 1

I went to a book reading/promotion/conversation event and this is the book that was was being promoted.

It was a fantastic story and an inspiring idea. Minimalism, to only keep things that add value and align with our priorities. So after a great conversation I decided to experience it for myself and give away one thing every day for the rest of the month. It is April 2nd, so we will do this every day for the rest of April. Today when I got home I decided to start with a bag of extra bathroom items. I sorted through all the things I have been keeping in that shoe box of extra bathroom things and kept anything that was of value to me, however I chose to define it at the time. I also kept a thick plastic water proof bag to keep the remaining items. This will keep gauze, bandaids, and mole skin dry incase of a leak, and provide a thick plastic bag for any future needs. I should mention here that I moved three times in the past year so I have already been in the process of reducing the possessions that I cart from one dwelling to the next, and I am toying with the idea of moving onto a 35 foot sailboat, so the conditions are ripe to resonate with the idea of minamalism. Tonight my approach was to start with low hanging fruit, to ease into the experience of letting go of possessions that I hold onto out of a sense of fear. Spare bathroom items are only there for the “what if” scenarios that either never come or emerge with hosts of alternative simpler solutions. So bonvoyage spare bathroom essentials and hello toa few days a year without soap and shampoo.



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